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A beautiful 3D environment and a brand new super limousine await you. In offroad limousine taxi driving simulator you have different types of limousines to pick up and drop passengers from one place to another. Drive your own luxury limousine along the roads of the big city and earn money. When you hit the road, you receive a notification or a call from a passenger. Visit him and ask where they want to go. Follow the up arrow to reach your desired destination in time. The passenger is in a hurry So! do not waste your time. You have amazing limousine driving skills that can impress everyone, drive as fast as you can, but slow down the off road limousine when you make a tight turn, easily pressing the pause button for easy turning. Offroad Limo Car Simulator gives you amazing big city driving and parking games and taxi driving experience
Hold on tight and be patient as you make a twisty turn on a hilly road. Treat your passenger with care and get him to the desired destination on time.

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