listen before i go cover if you were in your grandmas car

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this song is really sad. but also it’s ok. also i know i forgot the words, but everyone knows i do that so ya. i really wanted this video to have no filter at all. so yes there are bumps and there’s jangles and dogs and stuff. but it’s really good to understand that not everything has to be perfect and sometimes we really jus have to reflect on our life when we’re down in the dumps. I hope this cover makes you feel something whether its feeling happy, nostalgic, sad, mad. I love you no matter what. Let’s all just drive in our car and enjoy music 🙂

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karaoke credits: />
Written By
FINNEAS & Billie Eilish
Phonographic Copyright ℗
Darkroom Records & Interscope Records
Copyright ©
Darkroom Records & Interscope Records
Darkroom Records & Interscope Records

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