Long Black Limousine (Merle Haggard)

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This is an old country song I learned from Ginny Hawker at Augusta Heritage Festival in Elkins, West Virginia. I love these old country songs, they have some of the saddest and most heart wrenching lyrics.

Long Black Limousine

There’s a long line of mourners, coming down our little street. Their fancy cars are such a sight to see. They’re all your rich friends, who knew you in the city, and now they’ve finally brought you home to me.

The papers told of how you lost your life, of the party and the fatal crash that night. The wreck along the high, the curve you didn’t see, and now you’re riding in a long black limousine.

When you left you told me one day that you would be returnin’ in a fancy car for all the world to see. Now everybody’s watchin’, you finally got your dream. You’re riding in a long black limousine.

Through teary eyes I watch as you ride by, with a chauffeur dressed up so fine. I’ll never love another, my hopes and all my dreams, are ridin’ with you in that long black limousine.

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