Looking For The Best Car Cover in USA 2021?

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Looking For The Best Car Cover in USA 2021?
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【How to choose right size 】- To choose a MorheptSUV car cover of the right size, you need to measure your SUV from the front bumper to back bumper, side to side (from the outermost edge of your mirrors), and top to bottom (from the bottom of the wheel to the uppermost part of your SUV). This way, you can make certain to order an SUV cover that fits your car perfectly. If you have no idea about the size still, please contact us directly!
【Main Functions】- Waterproof All-weather SUV car covers offer excellent protection against adverse weather such as rain, snow. Using Morhept heavy-duty SUV car cover protects your vehicle from hazardous elements such as harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, industrial pollutants, tree sap, and bird droppings. It is also a good deterrent for potential thieves. Besides, it has 6 fluorescent light strips for reflective safety warning lines to protect your car from safe parking at night.
【6 Layers High-Quality Material】- Water repellent breathable fabric will not rot or mildew and the soft fabric won’t scratch paint, using a waterproof all-weather SUV car cover will keep your vehicle looking pristine, by protecting it from scratches and dings. Its reflective surface blocks harmful UV rays as well as preventing the vehicle from overheating. Besides, wipe down the SUV car cover with a damp cloth, and the mess will slide right off. Get rid of the dirt, gunk, and grime in no time!
【Windproof Design】- Morhept outdoor SUV full car cover equipped with 4 durable straps fixed on wheels, added central adjustable straps and buckles at the bottom to protect your car cover from blowing off on windy days. Elastic hem keeps the car cover securely in your SUV. Double-stitched seams for adding durability. Its windproof design ensures that the cover won’t blow away when left alone on blustery days.
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