Mac Tools Flyer 9 PREVIEW! Aug 09, to Sept 05, 2021 NEW SPHERICAL SOCKETS: The First Look At Them!

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The brand new flyer 9 by Mac Tools will start on August 09 and run until September 05, 2021. This is the preview of the flyer so you can get your list to your dealer soon so you do not miss out on any of the deals in this one! The BRAND NEW MAC SPHERICAL Sockets are in this flyer! This is the first look at the new socket design from them that fits 5 different shapes! Get ready for some cool tools and hot deals in this one!

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Lisle Ford 3 Valve Broken Spark Plug Remover:

Montezuma Triangle Box (one in my service truck):

Streamlight MacroStream:

Gearwrench X Core Pinless Universal Set:

GP Duo Socket Set MM and SAE:

VIM Auto Grip Oil Filter Wrench (like Matco version):

CTA extra deep socket set:

Astro Digital Tire Inflator:

Astro 1/2” Flex Head Impact (CHECK THIS OUT):

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OTR Performance a cheap and effective way to clear codes and force a regen. Use this link and reference code: CKoon to save 5% off
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Rinse Kit

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LunchEaze $5 off purchase

Type E Marking Paste
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Tribus Tools: use code: koontrucking save 5% plus free shipping

Wera Screwdrivers and other awesome German Tools:

Capri Tools Work Light: 620 Lumens of awesome:

Tekton 1/4” socket set

Grey Pneumatic Duo-Socket Set Metric Master Set. This is an awesome set can be used on a ratchet or impact!!

Lang Tools Master Feeler Gauges:

Gearwrench Bolt Biter Set 👍🏻

OEM Tools Magnetic Rechargeable Light (the battery life is amazing on this light, super bright. My favorite magnetic light)

Knipex Cobra Pliers (some of my go to Pliers):

Streamlight Stylus Pro Rechargeable Flashlight:

I use Tub O Towels to keep all my tools looking nice and clean. Here is the link to them:

Lisle Scraper (SAME AS MATCO)

Astro 52SL (light and wireless charging base)
(Light Only) get both and have one charging while the other is in use, provides all day usage with easy charging!

Witte Screwdriver Set (same as Matco)

PowerProbe IV Kit (my favorite)

Load Pro (load test the complete circuit in seconds)

Lisle Transmission Drain Pan


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