Marketing 5: Why Advertisements ? Promotional Mix Tools

Marketing 5: Why Advertisements ? Promotional Mix Tools – All of us are bombarded with advertisements everywhere, whether on TV, radio, internet, and even YouTube, at this specific channel. Why are these advertisements? Why do companies pay billions of dollars for advertisements? Well, advertisements are not the only available method for companies. They use other tools to introduce, promote, and position their value in the minds of customers and the whole public. In addition to advertising, promotional mix tools include public relations, personal selling, sales promotion, and direct & digital marketing. Last session, having introduced promotion as the 4th element in the marketing mix program, this session discusses these tools, which are the topics of chapters (15, 16 & 17). The chapters come within Part 3 (Marketing Strategy & Program) in Marketing 2018 Book, which is the 1st book in the 2nd Year Program within the service of Global English Management & Leadership Books in your channel Management with Merits (MANWIM) – Manage to Prosper. Next English session, we will complete Part 4, which is the last part in the book in order to finish it, which will make it the 1st completed book in the 2nd Year Program. To download the associated presentation with the video and access our related sessions, kindly go below.

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Despite the classification of promotional mix tools, modern companies use them practically without sincere consideration of their names or labels. The aim of using them in modern marketing is to provide the most appropriate mix that spreads and promotes the company’s value. Besides, all of these tools have to work harmoniously and coherently together within the integrated marketing program of the company.

Similar to what we have done in our recent previous videos, we have divided this video to sections and chapters to make navigation easier and more accessible. There are 9 chapters in this video as below.


00:00 Advertising at YouTube and Other Platforms: Why Advertising ? the Objectives
00:32 Advertising : The 1st and biggest tool in the promotional mix; advertising decisions, message, styles, and process
01:45 Public Relations : Reflecting and maintaining positive publicity and image; the smallest & least popular tool in the promotional mix
02:10 Starbucks Reaction for Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement : An example for public relations
02:41 Personal Selling : The interpersonal arm of the promotional mix – sales people, their activities, and the selling process
03:20 Sales Promotion: The shortest in aim and fastest in getting immediate sales within the promotional mix
04:03 Direct and Digital Marketing : The most tailored tool in the promotional mix
04:39 Digital Marketing : the modern means for direct and targeted marketing
05:18 End of Session

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