Massive Car Boot Sale/Flea Market Tool haul 20 Sept 2020

I had a great time at the car boot sale (Flea Market) this morning, there were loads of old tools on display. As soon as I got there I bought so much at one stall I had to take it back to the car as my bag was quite heavy!

Mrs Rathbone wanted a new floor covering for the kitchen and I managed to get her a very nice piece for £13.00. I got two pairs of Footprint wrenches (Surprise, surprise!!) one of which is an absolute beauty and is going straight into my collection. I found a really nice King Dick monkey, or auto, wrench at one stall so that followed me home.

Todays curiosity is a Stapleless Stapler from way back in the day, I also found an Eclipse junior hacksaw still in its box (Or at least what was left of the box). Today was a great day for buying vintage tools 👍😁

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!!Always take a robust pair of gloves along to the flea market or car boot sales when rummaging around in boxes of old tools!!
Caveat Emptor “Let the buyer beware”.

This video is for entertainment purposes only!
Knives and other tools can be dangerous! Nash Rathbone is NOT responsible for personal injury or damage to property through the use, or misuse, of knives or other tools! Always use eye protection when using machines too. Thank you.






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