Mediafly iPresent Easy, Risk-Free Sales Enablement – Nancy Nardin Review

Hi it’s Nancy Nardin and today I’ll be talking about Mediafly and the iPresent solution.

Mediafly is a Sales Enablement platform used by companies of all sizes, most notable brands are those like Pepsico, Disney, and MillerCoors.

Every company recognizes that enabling sellers with the right content, training, and sales tools is imperative.

The problem is, not everyone can afford spending the time or money that the big boys do.

Mediafly has solved that problem with their acquisition of iPresent – an easy, risk-free way to get started with sales enablement and build on that success.

Listen, if you’re still using static content that’s hard to find, and difficult to keep up-dated, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, that leads to Sellers pitching products and services using powerpoint and paper sales collateral. It’s impossible for Marketers to efficiently distribute content to reps, understand if they use it, and maintain version control.

This is where Mediafly’s iPresent comes in.

With iPresent, you can organize your existing collateral in a way that’s intuitive for your salespeople (think Netflix).
Think of putting content into big buckets of resources like this.

And it gets even better.
Each bucket of resources can have its own simple to navigate interface with the possibility of having video in the background, and an animated carousel menu for navigation.

It’s important to note, that using your own distinct brand, colors, and graphics is a key feature of iPresent.

Selecting one of the menu options takes the salesperson to that particular content set.

You can have as many of these sections as you want.
Salespeople won’t have to do anything differently. Notice how it looks very much like a PDF document only now, it’s interactive.
You can select a PPT to display – which you’ll see, preserves the design and animations – and the ability to jump to different slides in the deck.

And, it gets even better. Salespeople can just tap on the share button to share the resource with a prospect. Salespeople will see when the prospect views that content so they’ll know when and how interested the prospect is.

I like that salespeople can prepare for a meeting ahead of time by selecting the pieces of content needed for that agenda. Again, think of it like creating a playlist on Netflix.

Now the rep has a collection of all the material they want to use in that or similar meetings.

Think of all the content you have and how effective it would be if salespeople could mix and match content and pieces of content for prospects without changing the originals.

Here’s the bottom line. You can leverage the digital assets you already have, ensure that they are always up-to-date, protected from alteration by salespeople and at the same time, give them incredible flexibility to find, customize, and deliver relevant,
impactful presentations, share them with prospects easily and know when the prospect is engaged.

It’s powerful, and simple and that’s why we’ve named Mediafly’s iPresent, our Recommended Sales Technology of the Week.

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