Meet Great Wave: Developing a VR and AR Data Viz Tool Based on How Our Brains Work

We recently teamed up with Great Wave to discuss how Meta’s NeuroInterface Principles are applied to augmented reality app development and data visualization. See the rest of their work in both AR and VR:

Meta 2 is now shipping – Pre-order here:

About Meta:
Since 2012, Meta has strived to make augmented reality (AR) not only the next computing platform, but also the most intuitive and collaborative computing experience. We began the advancement of the AR marketplace with the Meta 1, the first see-through headset launched in 2014, that enabled users to use natural hand interactions to intuitively move and manipulate holographic content.

After collecting feedback from developers around the world, we integrated their recommendations and our learnings into the Meta 2, the only AR headset built on extensive neuroscience principles, UX design, and user research. The Meta 2 is the only headset with the largest field of view (90 degrees) and is “ridiculously comfortable” according to The Verge. As we continue shipping the Meta 2 this year, we’d love for you to join us in designing a future where AR becomes a healthy, vital extension of who we and ultimately enabling deeper understanding, freer expression, and optimal productivity.

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