Meet the VW Beetle “Oval” 1200 Limousine 1957 after 35 year storage in a barn

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Photos then&now:

engine# 2568576
chassis# 1595023
body# 576491

I bought this Oval Beetle in October 1984 with intentions to restore it for summer driving.
For the reason I had no garage where to service it in, the Bug was left forgotten in a barn for more than 35 years.

I have been driving this for some 30-40 kilometers since I bought this. Runs fine, but the engine is a bit worn out. Starts nice when cold, but loses power upon warming up.

Otherwise, hardly any part is missing, the chassis is in good condition. However, there is original paint visible only indoors. Very little rust on chassis, a few rot holes on the bottom plate.
Next I am going to start it, just a little bit concerned about debris in the gas tank. Would be a very good idea to remove and clean the tank.

Soon this Bug is available for global open market, located now in Eastern Finland

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