Mercedes A-Class Limousine: Actually a Limo or just a sedan? | First Drive Review |

Mercedes A-Class Limousine’s expected price is Rs 40 Lakh (ex-showroom)
A-Class will launch on March 25
The A-Class will be available in just one variant.
The A35 AMG will be locally assembled and will have a price tag close to Rs 60 lakhs!

Mercedes’ millennials, the first of the new generation built on the second-generation Modular Front-wheel Architecture have finally made their way to Indian shores in the form of the A-Class. Mercedes calls it the A-Class Limo, the color of the lenses over our eyes aren’t quite as rosy, so we prefer calling it a sedan. But, could the A-Class Limo really be considered as a chauffeur-driven option? But, what if the youngest car to wear the three-pointed star proved to be an entertaining and alluring companion from the driver’s seat, would the rest matter? Well, only one way to find out…

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