Mercedes AMG GT 4 Door (2022) – Perfect Wild Sedan!


2022 Mercedes-AMG GT43 / GT53
Starting at: $93,550

Highs Quick acceleration, bold styling, more tech than a Best Buy store.Lows Complex infotainment layout, eye-popping price tag, limited rear-seat headroom.Verdict This ballistic sedan won’t be confused with a run-of-the-mill Mercedes no matter which engine is under its hood.

If you like the idea of blasting around in the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car but need a rear seat to justify dropping that kind of cash, allow us to suggest the 2022 GT sedan. It combines the performance and grin-inducing handling of the GT with a rear seat—your choice of a three-seat bench or two bucket seats—so that you can share your high-speed adventures with friends and family. The base powertrain in the GT43 delivers a robust 362 hp; the GT53 makes 429 hp. After you’ve left your mark on the race course or have finished tearing up your favorite local backroad, the GT sedan can almost emulate Mercedes’ other luxury cars thanks to an adjustable suspension with a comfort mode and a host of luxury-and-convenience features to pamper both driver and passengers.

What’s New for 2022?

Mercedes-AMG offers a broader lineup of personalization options for 2022 with more wheel choices, additional upholstery combinations, new interior trims, and more available exterior colors, including new Starling Blue and Cashmere White hues. They’ve retuned the suspension to both satisfy drivers looking for additional sport and those who are after more comfort. Speaking of comfort, the car’s rear bucket seats can now be swapped out for an optional bench. Mercedes-AMG has told Car and Driver that certain 2022 models normally offered with V-8 engines will not be available. The GT63 and GT63 S models may be impacted by this change to the lineup, but representatives from Mercedes-AMG would not comment or confirm that information by press time.
Pricing and Which One to Buy
GT43: $93,550
GT53: n$103,650

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Since the V-8–powered models may not be available this year, we’d suggest going with the mid-range GT53, which offers plenty of horsepower and a pleasant driving experience. We’d add the Warmth and Comfort package, which adds a heated steering wheel, heated front armrests, and rapid-heating elements for the front seats. The Driver Assistance package is also appealing, as it adds a host of technologies including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot monitoring.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance
Under the hoods of both the GT43 and GT53 is a robust inline-six-cylinder engine that features a turbocharger, an intercooler, an electric supercharger, and a small electric motor. From a stop, the electric motor and supercharger fill in the brief lapse before the turbo is spinning out full boost. The 3.0-liter, which packs a combined 429 horsepower in the GT53, snaps necks whenever you touch the accelerator. In our testing the GT53, which features a conventional nine-speed automatic transmission, accelerated to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds, and its sport-tuned suspension delivered flat, responsive cornering and sports-car levels of grip. We haven’t tested the new-for-2021 GT43, however.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG
With such extreme performance, it’s no surprise the Mercedes-AMG GT sedan is thirsty, but its EPA fuel-economy estimates aren’t as dire as you might expect and is rated 19/24 mpg city/highway. For more information about the GT’s fuel economy, visit the EPA’s website.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

While much of the GT’s interior is shared with the other four-door coupe from Mercedes, the CLS, the large console between its seats appears to have been pulled from the GT sports car. It’s a bit intrusive but makes for a sporty cockpit feel. The interior design overall is futuristic and visually exciting, but some of its ergonomics can take some getting used to. This is also a four-seater, which may be an issue for some families. Aggressively bolstered sport seats are standard and comfortable, while a fat and flat-bottomed steering wheel, aluminum trim, and digital gauge cluster fit the sedan’s high-performance mission. Build quality is exceptional, and the materials are in line with AMG’s pricing. This is a hatchback, and the GT coupe’s rear seats do fold down to increase cargo space. With its rear seats in use, there’s 12.7 cubic feet of space. That’s plenty for most, but the Porsche Panamera offers more.
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