Mercedes Benz Limousine Car Scrap Price For Sale | Mercedes Benz limousine 1987 model for sale

In this video I am showing you Mercedes-Benz limousine 1987 model which is for sale you can buy this Mercedes-Benz limousine at scrap price. The registration of this Mercedes-Benz limousine is made in Karachi and the smart card of this Mercedes-Benz limousine is made. The price of this Mercedes-Benz limousineis stated at the end of the video. The mobile number of the owner of this Mercedes-Benz limousine has been explained in detail. You can get full details and information by contacting the mobile number given at the end of the description. The video is also explained in full detail.This Mercedes-Benz limousine car is a scribe. Complete documents of this Mercedes-Benz limousine car are available. This Mercedes-Benz limousine 1987 model smart card is made. Get details and information

Contact this number

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