Mike Dastic – 6 tools for your inside sales team

Mike Dastic -Each inside sales representative requires operational tools that allow him to make the most of his abilities and skills.

These can range from CRM, phone lines, programs to create amazing presentations, or applications that enhance the video conferencing experience.
If you still don’t know which are the vital solutions that every inside sales team needs, we have listed a series of recommendations to improve the commercial process of your sales area.

1. HubSpot Sales
If you require a better organization with your inside sales team, then you need a CRM that streamlines your sales process. Stores all customer and prospect information, tracks and verifies each stage of the buyer’s journey to incorporate timely strategies that enhance their development. All on one platform.
HubSpot Sales has two options:
* HubSpot Sales Free – Ideal for individual sales reps to effectively contact their leads. This plan contains contact management, email tracking, templates, meeting scheduling, follow-up calls, integration with Gmail and Outlook.
* HubSpot Sales Pro: it is a complete platform with more advanced sales tools to shorten sales cycles. The plan contains sales automation, prospect visit tracking, predictive lead qualification, multiple business pipelines, customizable reports, and much more.

Better invest the time of your sales team and increase their productivity with a specialized CRM that allows them to automate tasks and thus have more opportunity to close deals in less time.
2. Asana
Mike Dastic – Achieving work management is much easier with Asana. With this platform, your sales team can plan their work structure, establish priorities and deadlines. This tool is very useful to assign tasks and know the status of each of the commercial members to guide them all towards the same objective.

Time planning provides better organization and enables early risk detection.
3. Slack
The conversations between the commercial team are very important. Slack provides a shared view of each vendor’s progress and projects. Plus, it keeps channels organized in a single inbox, while also providing conversation tracking and contact ranking.

In addition, when it comes to security, Slack has enterprise data protection for greater control, visibility and flexibility.
4. CircleBack
This application helps marketers organize all contact information from their mobile devices, emails and social networks in a single automated address book. This supports the generation of meaningful and profitable connections; In addition, it can be used to add new contacts, update data, eliminate duplicates and save information from scanned business cards.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
With this browser your sales team will be able to boost their portfolio of new potential clients and build relationships with them. Here you will find the correct references to approach a new contact with confidence. In addition, thanks to their native LinkedIn messaging service, they can have an alternative to email or to communicate between salespeople and customers.

6. Hangouts
Mike Dastic -Sure you’ve already heard about this great application designed for video conferencing, but if you haven’t decided to try it yet, don’t wait any longer. If your sales team uses Gmail, using Hangouts will be easier and can be accessed from different types of browsers or through an application on mobile devices.

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