Mittler Brothers 5-Ton Bench Press –

The Mittler Bros. Hydraulic Bench Press will speed up fabrication without arm fatigue. It is made with a rugged 3/8 inch plate construction and has bronze bushings for long life. It features 5 tons of hydraulic power to accomplish a variety of tasks. The tooling can even be rotated 90 degrees to allow work on much larger parts. The press is ready to accept all Mittler Punch & Flare tools or can be used with any of the Mittler Bros. Bench Press accessories.
(Hydraulic pump sold separately)
1 year manufacturer’s warranty

•Maximum Capacity: 5 tons
•Tool Opening (inches): 3.75
•Stroke (inches): 3.25
•Throat Depth (inches): 12
•Max Ram To Table (inches): 3.75
•Cylinder: 5 ton
•Weight (pounds): 74
•Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.5 x 4 x 20

Press with 5 ton ram
Slug ejector
Spring loaded centering pin
Tool mount adapter
Arbor nut wrench

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