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ZonGuru’s team of expert sellers always stay on top of Amazon’s ever-changing TOS. We designed Review Automator from the ground up to always be in compliance with Amazon’s rules. This means you have a fast, easy, and reliable way to stay in touch with your customers and always get the 5-star reviews you deserve. All while never leaving the Seller Central UI.

✅ A Brand New Tool for your Amazon Business!
Get a first look and exclusive access to a brand new ZonGuru tool designed to multiply your review rate!

✅ Customer Communication Done Right!
Learn the techniques that will boost your review rate while staying within the Amazon Terms of Service.

✅ Get New Review Alerts Instantly!
We’ll show you how to make sure that YOU are the first to know when you get new customer feedback.

✅ PLUS New Strategies That Million Dollar Sellers Use to Gain Even More Reviews…
Join us as we explore some exciting new Amazon initiatives that are designed to help you get social proof EARLY as a new seller.

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ZonGuru’s tools have been created for you as Amazon Sellers, but with an understanding that you have also created a brand that requires business intelligence at every point.

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Here at ZonGuru, we are all Amazon Sellers, and we have built this software to help optimize your business for sales, profits, and customers. Every tool has been developed through the lens of “business owners” to ensure we provide the right information that will really make a difference to your business.

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Our team is committed to continually improving our current tools and adding new ones. We are laser-focused on developing one software platform that will help you with every aspect of your business. As we learn and innovate, we’ll be passing this all over to you and your business.

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