Music in the Metaverse: 4 Startups Shaping Our New (Extended) Reality | ASCAP Experience 2022

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Augmented reality. Mixed reality. Virtual reality. Whatever form it takes, the metaverse is opening new possibilities for music creators. In this session, four music tech startups from the ASCAP Lab and NYC Media Lab innovation incubator show how they are shaping music in the metaverse. Watch to understand how these revolutionary technologies are impacting our musical experiences now and creating exciting possibilities for the future.

0:00 Event Preview
1:10 Introduction from the ASCAP Lab’s Brooke Eplee and NYC Media Lab’s Sayar Lonial
3:24 Popins: interact with photorealistic 3D holograms
15:52 OffBeat: create a “Music ID” metaverse passport
32:03 SolTunes: turn snippets into cohesive songs and gamified experiences on Solana
48:40 MetaCities: experience music in metaverse versions of real-world cities
1:05:14 Learn more about NYC Media Lab and the ASCAP Lab

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Meet the Startups:

Popins takes entertainment to the next level by delivering the artists you love to your world as photorealistic three-dimensional holograms anytime, anywhere.

OffBeat is the global community of music lovers that enables users to create their Music ID: a unique musical identity based on music consumption data, manually added tastes, and music NFT ownership that serves as a music passport across metaverse platforms and experiences.

SolTunes utilizes a revolutionary music-generation algorithm to turn snippets of compositions from different creators into a multitude of musically-cohesive songs performed by pixel art bands, minted as NFTs, and integrated into blockchain gamified experiences.

MetaCities recreates real-world locations in the metaverse (e.g., MetaVegas) and produces custom experiences in those spaces, with the next phase of development seeking to elevate music performances and experiences through avatars, holograms, and other digital technologies.

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