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Allergy sufferers know how many pharmaceutical products are out there, and have probably tried them all too! Dr. Michael T. Murray, a naturopathic physician and leading authority on natural medicine, encourages National Nutrition subscribers to get rid of the “over-the-counter” pharmaceuticals and give natural EMIQ a try!
What in the world is EMIQ? -WATCH NOW as Dr Murray teaches us a little bit more about this effective, and NATURAL, solution to our constant struggle with allergy symptoms throughout all the seasons!
Ready to switch? – Try Dr Michael Murray’s recommendation – Natural Factors’ antioxidant Bioactive Quercetin EMIQ.

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Natural Factors Quercetin:
An antioxidant and may offer benefits in protecting against cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, until now quercetin has not shown much clinical effect because of poor absorption but with Quercetin EMIQ the quercetin is provided in a water-soluble form which greatly increases the absorbability and the quercetin levels in the blood when compared to regular quercetin or its related compound rutin.

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