New 4 Seater 2022 Kia Carnival Hi Limousine hyper-luxury van

New Four-Seater 2022 Kia Carnival Hi Limousine Offers First Class Experience On Wheels.Vans are big news in the east. From Singapore to Tokyo, decked-out hyper-luxury vans feature the kind of options that would make an S-Class blush. And it makes sense – while the rest of the world flocks to premium SUVs for their perceived benefits, what’s more capacious and multi-purpose than a van?

Kia certainly got the memo with the unveiling of their new Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine back in late 2020. No doubt geared to challenge the likes of the Toyota Alphard and, to a lesser extent, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Kia’s take on van-based extravagance pulled out all the stops.
Still, the Koreans weren’t done yet and so for the 2022 model year, they’re introducing an even more luxurious four-seater variant that does away with the three-row layout in favor of a two-row configuration with two “Premium Relaxation” captain chairs in the back, each trimmed in “three-dimensional” quilted Nappa leather. Said to mimic what you’d normally find in a first-class aircraft cabin, the two lucky passengers get individual tray tables.

Naturally, the chairs have a range of electric adjustments, all of which can be controlled either by a 7-inch touchscreen display or via your phone. The display can control other functions, including lighting, air-conditioning, and a 21.5-inch smart TV.

Had a hard day trading on the KOSPI? Then kick off your shoes and enjoy a relaxing foot massage, thanks to the built-in automated massager. Don’t want to have your shoes flapping around the cabin? No problem, just stow them in the rear-seat shoe-storage box.
The cubbies continue, with a hot or cold cabinet that can accommodate drinks, as well as cup holders that can be either heated or cooled.
The price of this extravagance? Just under 87 million South Korean Won. That translates to about $75,500 USD — expensive for a van, granted. But when you consider a Merc S-Class starts from $109,800, the Carnival Hi-Limousine starts to look like a bargain.

It seems unlikely that the Carnival Hi-Limousine would ever be offered stateside, but if it were, would you have one over a luxury sedan?
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