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In this video, I will be showing you how to create a Product Launch Group. It is the secret to properly launching a product on Amazon and how I was able to get 75 reviews and $15,000 in revenue during my first month with my first product on Amazon.

What is a Product Launch Group?
It is basically where you get a group of people that are potential customers into a Facebook group. You have them help you develop the product and when you launch it, they are going to be the first in line to buy it and leave reviews. This shows Amazon that you have a really good product and it will create a spike in sales that will lead to more sales.

Below are a few reasons why a Product Launch Group works:
Help you develop a product – As you’re creating your unique product, you are already getting a bunch of people together that would buy your product. You are getting new feedback on everything. They could tell you which logo or packaging is the best and other things that will help improve your product.
Spread the word – To create a launch group, you just need a way to get people’s emails, get their information, and ultimately, get them into the Facebook group. You can do this through a blog, Facebook, YouTube, or any other way that you can figure out to give people value and get their emails. My personal favorite way of doing this is Instagram.
Create a tribe – You can do this in a Facebook group or any form where everyone has an equal say. Ultimately, what you are trying to do is create a tribe of people that love your product. The benefit of a Facebook group is when you post something on a launch group, everybody starts liking it. Eventually, others will like and share it and it will continue to grow.

A month or two before you launch your product, you should already start this product launch group. Through this, you are able to receive feedback on every element of your product. This is going to hype people up and they are going to be excited about it.

Here are also three more secrets to launching your Product on Amazon:
Talk with Everyone – Before you launch your product, communicate with people. Send them personal emails, Facebook messages, and Instagram direct messages.
Try everything – Aside from sending messages individually, I also interviewed influencers on a podcast. I also posted on my personal Facebook and even sent emails to people from podcasts I’ve done in the past. Most of these though did not work as much as the Product Launch Group.
Build relationships – Leverage the power of other people. There are so many different surprising ways that people have helped me with Performance Nut Butter.


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