Nissan Figaro All Weather Cover (Stormforce 2021 Update) Review Video

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In this video, Kevin tries the fit of this new tailormade cover from Coverzone. Manufactured from a 4 layer fabric that is waterproof as well as breathable the cover fits the Figaro like a glove. The soft non-scratch layer is elasticated at the front and rear allows the cover to wrap around the bumpers keeping them dry and out of the weather.

Kevin explains the importance of covering up the Figaro but also making sure the cover is removed at least once a week to allow the car to breathe. Ample Wing Mirror pockets allow them to be folded in too. The cover includes ‘FRONT’ and ‘REAR’ labels to help to fit in addition to 2 x securing straps and an optional locking eyelet.

Note: The new part number is CCC587. Make sure this is the cover you are ordering. See more here: /

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