OCTOPUZ, a Sales Tool for Integrators

Robotic Integrators provide the end-user with a complete robotic solution. From identifying the correct robot, equipment and cell for the end-user’s needs to suggesting programming software and incorporating the system into the user’s facilities.

One of the main hurdles an integrator must tackle is how to show the customer what they are spending their money on; what will it look like? With OCTOPUZ, Integrators can now create a quick simulation that will demonstrate exactly how the entire robotic solution will look in their facilities and even simulate the entire program. Furthermore, with OCTOPUZ’ 3D PDF capabilities the Integrator can easily share the proof of concept with the key customer stakeholders.

3D-PDF not enough? What if you could have your prospect virtually walk through their facilities with the new robotic system in place? Thanks to the latest update, OCTOPUZ now has VR capabilities!

This webinar of approximately 30 minutes will cover how OCTOPUZ offline robotic programming and simulation software can serve as a valuable sales tool for Robotic Integrators.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

• 3D PDFs
• Drawing Tab
• Sales Tools
• Simulation
• VR capabilities

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