Offroad Limousine Taxi Driving – Long Limo Car Driver Simulation – Android Gameplay

Do you love to drive limo taxi car in mountains and hilly areas? Here is the best luxury limo taxi car waiting for you to perform taxi cab duty in mountains.

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► You have to start a limousine taxi car and stop the car at the station where the tourists or passengers will be waiting.
You as a limo taxi cab driver have to pick up those tourists and drop them on the beautiful places in the mountains so that they could enjoy the hilly areas. It is time to show your driving skills because of steep paths and sharp turns.
You have to follow the map to reach the destination. Playing this game is very simple. Simple smooth and easy control.
15 plus levels with increasing the thrilling adventure and danger are available to enjoy in Limousine car hill driving game.
– 3 types of control e.g. tilt, steering and left-right buttons
– Use any control according to your choice to drive the limousine car
– Use left-right buttons to take a turn left or right
– Use speed or accelerate button to run the limo car
– Use the brake button to stop or to drive reverse
– Use the map to find or to reach on the destination
– Pick and drop the passengers
– Turn on and off the sound by taping the sound button

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