Old School SALES with New School TOOLS

Are you getting Sales from your Facebook and Social Media ? I’m Not talking about Likes and Reach, I mean actual SALES “Money” If the Answer is No then I’m here to help you. I’m Sean Ackerman from My Panoramic and we specialize in Small Medium Enterprises (Social Media marketing). But more specifically getting sales and Leads out of your Social Media Account. WE WILL TRAIN AND HELP YOU MAKE SOCIAL MEDIA WORK FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS !!!!! Our extensive experience in social media advertising, Photography, Video and 360 Virtual Reality Photography makes our team the perfect partner to help you get the most out of your social media SALES STRATEGY. We help you set up and optimize your account, and most importantly TRAIN YOU to actively make money out of your small business Social Media Strategy. The best part is we train you in your office in YOUR own environment. Contact us for Affordable Social Media Consulting, advertising and on site training you can afford. Find us on Facebook or contact us Today. www.mypanoramic.com

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