Opel Astra Limousine

Today car tester Sascha Knapp is presenting the new Opel Astra — or rather the facelifted Opel Astra. In this case Opel has really done a lot to the car’s front features. See more Opel on

It’s also had a tuck or two at the rear. The fourth Astra variant — the sedan — is supposed to compete with VW’s Jetta, but Sascha isn’t yet convinced you’ll be seeing many of them on German streets. Opel plans to sell 60% of its output in Russia.

This test model packs a 96 kilowatt ecoFLEX diesel motor. Sascha thinks it’s a little too loud, but Opel claims it’s extremely economical.

And that it is. In comparison — the slightly more powerful Jetta diesel burns 4-point-8 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. The Astra sedan needs half a liter less.

The INNOVATION-line version we tested costs just under 27 and a half thousand euros in Germany.

So what’s new? Well, the indicators have been moved. They’re now integrated into the bumpers.

The chrome and updated headlights are now typical looks for the Astra platform.

The lattice design of the grille was inspired by the Astra OPC.

One sporty touch is a small rear spoiler on the trunk lid.

The trunk can ONLY be opened with the remote, by the way, or via a button inside. And there are plenty of THOSE in the Astra interior….

The sedan is primarily aimed at markets in eastern and southern Europe.

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