Outdoor Car Vehicle Tent Sun Shade Cover you can buy on amazon (link is in the description) #shorts

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Outdoor Car Vehicle Tent Sun Shade Cover F
#Outdoor #car #shorts

Specification: Semi-automatic car umbrella/semi-automatic/outdoor bracket
The ergonomic handle design is easy to operate, and it only takes 30 seconds to install.
Double windproof design, strong double vacuum suction, composite carbon fiber umbrella frame, safe, stable and balanced.
Oxford 210D, high-density silver coating, waterproof, tear-resistant, flame-retardant, durable and easy to clean.
Strong anti-ultraviolet and high temperature resistance, effectively reducing the temperature inside the car.
Effective heat dissipation and cooling, covering a large area, better protect your car from rain, dust, fallen leaves, birds, etc.
The steel anti-theft rope is not easy to cut, and is protected by silica gel to prevent paint damage.
Universal fit, light and compact, saving space, storing more, easy to use and practical.
It has four windproof hooks, which are hung on door handles and rearview mirrors to resist strong winds.

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