Outside sales prospecting, tools, and techniques for people who don’t like sales!

Have you started a small business, or have a desire to take your small to medium sized business to the next level? Have you been relying on social media and content creation, and have only THOUGHT about direct selling? Have you been scared or unwilling to take the plunge because you have never done it before? I hear you, because I was there too. I made this video calling on my 16 years of experience as a sales professional. During this video, I’ll share my sales techniques and tips for people who want to put together an outside sales program for their business. If you have an outside sales fear, this is a video for you! Small business sales is hard if you don’t have the leads, the tools, or are comfortable in a sales technique. This video will help give you some of the basics for identifying leads using free resources. I will also briefly go over the basic sales techniques I use to be successful in the field.

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