PB Swiss Tool Haul #1: On Sale and On Your Request!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Almost New Year! The most requested video over the course of the last 6 months or so has by far been to bring in PB Swiss Screwdrivers. Well, thanks to a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale we finally cashed in and made it happen. Not only did we pick up a full line of screwdrivers for our shootout, we also brought in several other additions to the tool box. As always, time stamps can be found down below. I hope you all enjoy the video!

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**Time Stamps**
@2:30 Alpha Gloves
@3:00 PB Swiss Catalog
@3:30 1/4″ #2 Phillips Bit

@4:37 E6 #2 Phillips Power Bit E6

@6:22 Extra Long T25 Power Bit

@9:20 100mm Knurled Center Punch 710.1

@11:02 File Handles
8-10″ File Handle 1200.110 BL

5-8″ File Handle 1200.100 BL

4-5″ File Handle 1200.90 BL

Test Fit @15:55
@17:00 Magnet Tools 6100.M (Blue or Green)

@19:00 PB Swiss Classic Handle #2 x 100mm 190.2-100/6

@21:45 PB Swiss Multicraft Handle #2 x 100mm 6190.2-100

@23:15 PB Swiss Swiss Grip Handle #2 x 100mm 8190.2-100/6

@25:09 PB Swiss Grip HD #2 x 100mm 8193.2-100

@27:03 PB Swiss Grip Striking Cap #2 x 100mm 8193D.2-100

@28:50 PB Swiss Rainbow Grip #2 x 100mm 8190.2-100.6 OR

@31:40 Wrap Up


“Gearhead” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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