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Are you really crazy about transport games, and lover of police games, if your answer is yes then go for this free game, involving both of these ideas of transportation and police games. Your duty is to transport police cars on a cargo truck trailer which is a police truck trailer and you have to perform this heavy duty as you may be proved as a victim of so called terrorists who are in process to steal the police information and data.

Police Car Cargo Truck Driving 3D Sim

NYPD is so sharp, that all the truck drivers are fully trained can easily perform this duty as duty driver of this truck simulator in many of the truck games, to specially do truck cargo or car cargo of police vehicles of police vans or police cars. Police car cargo duty is not as easy as a duty driver as you will be in sight of criminals all the time, but you must have your eyes open in order to perform this cargo duty on this big truck trailer which is specifically designed for police car cargo.

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