Power BI Dashboard. Power BI inventory and sales report. Power BI course introduction.

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This is the promotional video for the new Power BI online course.

Power BI is the business analytic service by Microsoft. 

Start a career in Business Intelligence and learn valuable BI skills in this course.  Develop a mix of specific Power BI skills.

Analytical and business intelligence skills are geared towards presenting and communicating data to others.

Power BI tools are used to make better decisions. Extract actionable insights from KPI’s which can be visualized and presented during meetings in a business environment.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Get your free Microsoft 365 office account.

Get access to OneDrive for Business.

Save your working files in OneDrive, or if you prefer, work form Excel which is saved on your local computer.

Create a theme in Power BI.

Build relationships between tables.

Use Power Query M-Language formulas to perform calculations.

Create various graphs and charts such as a:

Pie chart

Clustered column chart

Whaffle chart

Dot Plot visual


Bar charts

Pareto graph

Mekko visual

Create various measures and calculated columns.

Learn about bookmarks and the mobile phone layout.

Publish the report to the Power BI service.

Automatically sync the Power BI files to the cloud – no need to publish the report.

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