Product Launch: Gear Up for the next big thing in Extended Reality! Exxar 2.0 is here!

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In 2019, we introduced Exxar, a CAD to VR streaming technology that overcame all challenges associated with the CAD to VR Data migration process. Streaming proprietary 3D data formats directly into the VR environment is a game-changer in the industry. CAD data streaming is an innovative technique that circumvents the prevailing practice and avoids data loss. As a result, companies no longer have to compromise the effectiveness of design reviews. Exxar streams your CAD data with a one-click action, seamlessly into the VR environment, without the fear of loss of details and the need for any intermediate file format conversion.

Come 02-02-2020 gear up for the next big thing in Extended Reality. See how we create a revolution on top of the existing revolution created when we introduced real-time CAD to VR streaming. Check out how so-called mainstream extended reality applications fail to keep with the hype and expectations, as Users Collaboratively expect more and more. Get ready for the new revolution and join us at the launch.


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