Prophet CRM Learning Series – Using Prophet’s Reporting Tools

We will be learning about these Prophet Reporting Capabilities:

Advanced Filtering a List in Grid View
Exporting to Excel
Report Manager
Analytics Dashboards
Custom Reports

You will be able to answer these questions:
How Many New Contacts were Created?
How Many New Opportunities were Created?
Which Rep Generated the Most Activity?
Which Clients had the Most Activity?
What are my Lead Conversion Rates?
How Many Activities Does it Take to Close a Deal?
How much Revenue is in My Sales Pipeline?

The “What” and the “So What”
What makes some Reps more Productive than others?
What Lead Sources are Producing the Most Revenue?
So What do you do with this Data?
Interpreting Trends
Is your Sales Pipeline Improving
Are you creating More or Fewer Contacts and Opportunities?
Where is your New Business located?
Find Out What is Not Working….
Do Less of it!
Find Out What is Working….
Do More of it!

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