Quercetin 500 30 Capsules

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Andrew Lessman’s Quercetin 500 provides the unique benefits of one of nature’s most powerful protective molecules. Like so many of nature’s most beneficial plantbased compounds, Quercetin is a polyphenol and flavonoid. In fact, flavonoid polyphenols are the beneficial compounds that make many healthy foods so healthy, such as green tea, red wine and chocolate. Quercetin is uniquely abundant in capers, red onions and cilantro, but also rich in many other healthy foods.

Quercetin has long been the subject of extensive research validating its protective benefits to diverse systems in the body. Quercetin is well known for its benefits promoting healthy circulation and supporting the structure of our blood vessels, veins and capillaries. More recently, Quercetin has been recognized for its supportive benefits to the cardiopulmonary system, including the fragile tissues of both the heart and lungs. Quercetin has also been shown to support immune system function, as well as the normally problematic aging prostate gland.

Quercetin’s impressive body of research has made it a popular ingredient in nutritional supplements however, its benefits are limited due to its extremely poor absorption. We overcome these absorptive challenges by complexing Quercetin with Phosphatidyl Choline (PC), which is the predominant phospholipid found in the brain and liver. This unique phospholipid complex protects Quercetin from digestive damage while also dramatically increasing its absorption. This natural combination of Quercetin with PC ensures you receive all the remarkable benefits of this extraordinary natural molecule.

What You Get

30count bottle Quercetin 500 easytoswallow capsules
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