Quercetin and Coronavirus

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A detailed review of the antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of Quercetin

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Fear blinds. José Saramago, “Blindness”.
Страх ослепляет. Жозе Сарамаго “Слепота”.
01:44 Quercetin and COVID-19
05:26 Sources of Quercetin
06:58 Dosage and Supplements of Quercetin
08:27 Quercetin and Interactions with Medications
This video may contain general information relating to various medical conditions, its diagnostics, treatment and prevention. Such information cannot and does not intend to replace professional medical advice. You should not rely on information received from this video for medical, legal, financial or any other decisions. Always consult with your healthcare provider or appropriate professional for specific advice related to your health, symptoms, questions or situations.
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Eastern Virginia Medical School. Critical Care COVID-19 Management Protocol.

NB! Unfortunately, this protocol is no longer available at the link above, so I attached a screenshot to the video
Quercetin n
Quercetin /
MedLine Plus. Quercetin l
Dietary Supplements for Exercise and Athletic Performance
Potential Clinical Benefits of Quercetin in the Early Stage of COVID-19: Results of a Second, Pilot, Randomized, Controlled and Open-Label Clinical Trial
Molecular basis of quercetin as a plausible common denominator of macrophage-cholesterol-fenofibrate dependent potential COVID-19 treatment axis
Composition of flavonoids in fresh herbs and calculation of flavonoid intake by use of herbs in traditional Danish dishes
/>Ten-year comparison of the influence of organic and conventional crop management practices on the content of flavonoids in tomatoes /
Book OPENSTAX “Anatomy and Physiology” y
Book OPENSTAX “Microbiology” y
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