QUERCETIN — Don’t Miss Out On the POWERFUL HEALTH BENEFITS of this Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory

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Dr. Susan Brown (Director of Alkaline for Life & the Center for Better Bones, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Anthropologist, Author) goes over 8 AMAZING health benefits of the natural plant flavonoid, QUERCETIN — pain relief, potent immune support, powerful allergy relief and brain support, just to name a few. Don’t miss out on the health benefits of the amazing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and natural antihistamine, Quercetin.

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1:02 – Pain Relief

2:04 – Best Natural Antihistamine / Anti-Allergy

2:46 – Potent Anti-Inflammatory / Antioxidant

3:40 – Antiviral

4:35 – Enhances Lung Functioning

4:42 – Brain Support

5:27 – Anti-cancer

6:03 – Enhances Physical Performance

6:45 – Anti-aging

To learn more about Quercetin and its benefits, visit www.alkalineforlife.com.

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Hi everyone. Welcome to the Alkaline for Life community. You know, for 30 years I’ve been improving my own health, working with thousands of clients to improve their health, and one nutrient I found to be extremely important, one plant compound that I found to be extremely important is Quercetin. And Quercetin is a flavonoid.
There are 6000 flavonoids, but Quercetin is the most potent one and the most highly studied one. It’s often found in association with vitamin C and it works synergistically with vitamin C, found in foods like broccoli, peppers, berries, onions. Quercetin turns out to be the most potent antihistamine, the most potent natural antihistamine.
It’s a very effective antioxidant. It’s a very effective anti-inflammatory. And not only does it reduce inflammation, but it instigates and initiates repair. If you have a health concern and you say, you know, the doctors don’t find anything really wrong, but I’m not in perfect health or I’m having some pain.
One amazing thing about Quercetin is its capacity to reduce pain. It very quickly reduces pain, particularly if used with vitamin C. So what I want to do is just go over what the major eight benefits that I’ve seen in my practice with Quercetin and maybe you can think about giving it a try
if you say, I’m not quite there, I don’t quite have, I still have some problems, I still have some congestion, some inflammation, some pain syndromes. Let’s go over the eight points and you can give it a consideration to see if it’s not worth trying.
You always want to get a special quercetin, a quercetin dihydrate, one that’s very safe. They can have very inexpensive forms of quercetin, like ground up bark. That’s not a good idea. Quercetin dihydrate, a very purified form. We use the Relieve + Repair formula.
Let me tell you the major 8 benefits. Of course, as I mentioned, it’s the best natural antihistamine, so it’s very anti-allergy. If you want to know how that works, it inhibits mast cell activation. Mast cells are those that happen with an allergy.
Mast cell activation is inhibited. It blocks inflammatory activities. It stabilizes and protects the cell membrane. It does things like reduce interleukin six (IL-6). And it is very similar in effect to many allergy medications, particularly the medication, cromolyn. It’s found to be as effective and safer than that medication.
And it compares very well with the effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), although Quercetin is much safer. Quercetin is also a very potent […]

0:00 Quercetin Introduction
1:02 Pain Relief
2:04 Best Natural Antihistamine/Anti-Allergy
2:46 Potent Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant
3:40 Antiviral
4:30 Enhances Lung Functioning
4:42 Brain Support
5:27 Anti-Cancer Properties
6:03 Enhances Physical Performance
6:45 Anti-Aging

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