Raintight Car Cover Manufactured by Eevelle Inc.

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The RainTight does not trap condensation
like most waterproof car covers. Instead,
the RainTight’s micro-pore technology allows
condensation to escape as evaporated gas –
giving your vehicle inside and outside protection.
This cover is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
A 10 year warranty included
This cover is 100% waterproof
and proven to protect against
the heaviest of rains.
Raintight has a sewn in Elasticized hem
for a tight semi-custom fit
Built-in, reinforced, scratch-proof tie
down grommets incase you leave
for long trips and need that added
Made from a three-layer exclusive
waterproof material, which consists
of an inside and outside layer
with a layer of waterproof
film in the center.
Comes with convenient storage bag
for convenient trunk storage
Innovation, Quality , Performance
Thats Eevelle

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