Reality Lab Lectures: Brian Schowengerdt – Extended Reality: Use Cases & Design Considerations for..

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The Reality Lab Lectures – Tuesday, May 19, 2020
TALK TITLE: Extended Reality: Use Cases and Design Considerations for AR, MR, and VR
SPEAKER: Brian Schowengerdt (Affil. Asst. Professor, UW. Co-Founder & Chief Science and Experience Officer, Magic Leap)

RECORDING: Event held over videoconference (during the COVID-19 shutdown) and recorded by UW CSE Production Team

TALK ABSTRACT: Extended reality refers to a superset of experiences that involve the presentation of digital content with varying degrees of real world visibility (from virtual reality, in which the real world is invisible, to mixed reality systems that integrate digital content into the real world in roughly equal proportions, to systems that show the real world with only light digital augmentations). In addition, today’s augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality systems vary across a number of other criteria (small to large field of view, head-tracked vs. non-tracked, head-worn vs. external display, stereoscopic vs. non-stereoscopic, single focus vs. multi-focus, and their ability to represent occlusions). We will discuss a number of representative examples across the XR spectrum, what kinds of experiences are best suited to the different platforms, and design considerations for each platform—with particular emphasis on how these technologies interact with human perception and cognition.

NOTE: There was a significant connectivity problem at 1:00:17 We asked the speaker to return to his train of thought. Thus the video skip.

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