Repco Car Cover Range – Available In-store and Online

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Repcos range of car covers – Available online at and

Repcos range of car covers are available in 3 different weights from light duty for indoor dry environments,, Medium duty for car ports and the heavy duty for those unfortunate situations where you need to store a car outdoors. They are available in 5 sizes from small hatchbacks through to large utes and 4WDs

Light Duty
Light duty covers are recommended for indoor use in a garage where you want to avoid dust gathering or the occasional brushing up against the car,

Medium Duty
Medium duty car covers are great for outdoor use where the car might still have some type of shelter. Stored in a carport, your vehicle is still be open susceptible to rain, dirt and any debris carried by the wind so this car cover is perfect for exactly that

Heavy Duty
If car space is limited on your property and you’ve been forced to store your pride and joy in a paddock or on the street, the heavy-duty car cover is the one for you. Built to withstand the worst of the worst when it comes to weather conditions, you can remove the cover knowing the car looks just like the day you wrapped it up

Repcos range of car covers – Available online at and

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