RESVERATROL MYSTERY #2: How It AFFECTS Senescent Cells + Fisetin & Quercetin

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If you take resveratrol… did you know resveratrol works differently in your body depending on how much you take every day?

If you’re not careful about how you take resveratrol, you may achieve completely different benefits from the ones you intended! I couldn’t believe it either until I saw it too. And it is one of resveratrol’s biggest secrets.

And it’s kept within its polyphenol family. Which includes fisetin, quercetin, pterstilbene, and others.

Today, we’ll cover a hot topic in our longevity community: senescent cells.
What are senescent cells?

Are they so dangerous for longevity?

For that, we’ll hear Dr. David Sinclair, and Doctor James Kirkland, whom in my opinion, the world’s greatest experts on senescent cells.

Then, we’ll explore the impact of resveratrol in different doses on senescent cells.

We’re also gonna cover fisetin and quercetin – what’s the correct way to take them to kill senescent cells?

And which dose current human studies are using them as senolytics?
And as a response to your requests today I will share what I do personally – my resveratrol dose, when….
….and my senolytics protocol – because of this investigation.

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0:00 – Previously in our investigation

2:05 – What are senescent cells

8:25 – Low resveratrol and senescent cells

12:58 – High resveratrol and senescent cells

16:58 – Fisetin and Quercetin

21:14 – How much fisetin is used in ongoing studies

22:00 – What I do, how much I take

Study References:
I’m working on a website to include each video with all links, with each page per video.
In the meantime, I ALWAYS show the exact study titles & years and read them aloud. Go to, put the first 4 words only, and the study will come out as the top search, guaranteed. Please double-check me!

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