Rina Sawayama – LUCID (Extended Reality Video)

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Rina Sawayama – LUCID (Extended Reality Video)
Taken from SAWAYAMA: DELUXE EDITION – out now: e

Production & Engineering: Bild Studios
Filmed at MARS Studios
Design & Animation: Real Good Liars
Directors: Dave Ferner & Ksenia Kulakova
Creative Director: Dave Ferner
Director of Photography: James Medcraft
Editor: Una O’Sullivan

Product Manager: Tom Connick
Management: Caspar Harvey, Will Frost

Starring: Rina Sawayama

Technical Director: Rowan Pitts
Technical Director: David Bajt

Senior 3D Artist / Notch Designer: Dave Ferner
Junior 3D Artist: Cal Weir
Junior Notch Designers: Charlie Smith, Jamie Kenny
Green Screen / Roto: Lucio Cavallari, Cal Weir, Seb Dows-Miller, Charlie


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