Sailmaking, Part 1:The Tools of the Trade S2-E47

In this episode (S2-E47) of The Art of Boat Building, boat builder Bob Emser discusses the start of making the sails for the Haven 12 1/2. Following Emiliano Marino’s “The Sailmaker’s Apprentice, A Guide for the Self-Reliant Sailor”, we look at tools needed for sail making. As Bob prepares to construct his own sails he shows us how to make 4 of the essential tools of the trade. A seam rubber with needle storage, a fid with a turks head knot, sailors palm, and a sailmaker’s bench hook.

“If you’re going to make it, make it beautiful.”
-Bob Emser-

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0:00 Introduction, 4 Sailmakers Tools
3:33 Making the Seam Rubber
10:38 Making a Fid
14:32 Making a Sailmakers Bench Hook
19:09 Making a Sewing Palm ( Sailmakers Palm)

“The Sailmaker’s Apprentice” by Emiliano Marino

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