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Our Sales Enablement Plan Playbook is a planning methodology that highlights our premium tool-kit of 47 tools & template to help you develop a sales enablement plan that increases your win-rate, deal-size and percentage of reps attaining quota.

Demand Metric playbooks are step-by-step guides that help you build strategic processes using “Best Practices” and other Demand Metric tools & templates. For more background on Demand Metric playbooks (aka methodologies), read our blog post: Much Ado About Methodologies.

Stages of this playbook include:

Get Approval
Prepare for Projects
Select Solutions
Create a Sales Playbook
Launch to Sales
Measure & Evolve
There are 47 premium tools & templates linked inside of this playbook to facilitate the process:

Sales Enablement Training Course
Sales Enablement Benchmark Report
Sales Enablement Best Practices Report
Sales Experience Quality Benchmark Report
Sales Enablement Best Practices Workshop
Content for the Sales Cycle Workshop
Content for the Buying Process Workshop
Sales Compensation Solution Acquisition Report
Sales Enablement Roles Matrix
Sales Enablement Maturity Model
Sales and Marketing Alignment Tool
Sales Enablement Readiness Assessment
Sales Support Effectiveness Survey
Marketing Collateral Management Tool
Business Case Template
Sales Enablement Strategy Scorecard
Sales Enablement Budget Template
Director of Sales Enablement Job Description
Buyer Persona Template
Buying Process Stage Template
Sales Playbook Template
Case Study Template
White Paper Template
Press Release Template
STEP Industry Analysis
Customer Profile Template
Lead Acquisition Model
Qualified Lead Definition Tool
Bid or No Bid Assessment
Marketing Calendar Template
Positioning Statement Worksheet
Unique Selling Proposition Template
SPIN Selling Questions Tool
Feature Advantage Benefit Tool
Objection Response Tool
Sales Script Template
Sales Presentation Template
Sales Proposal Template
Competitive Analysis Tool
Competitive Products Sales Reference
Sales Training Plan
Sales Enablement RFP Template
Sales Enablement Solutions Matrix
Decision-Maker Influencer Map
Service Level Agreement Template
Sales Enablement Metrics Dashboard
Post-Project Evaluation

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