Sales Idea 60 – Four Life Insurance Tools You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Why should you place your life insurance business through Financial Brokerage? We have four unique tools that you will not find anywhere else in this unique combination. These are designed to assist you through the entire sales process with your clients.

– Beginning with the discovery phase of the sales process, our life insurance allocation questionnaire allows you to recommend the right blend of life insurance products based on the preferences of each client.
– When you get to the presentation phase, you will be able to use the new visualization software to display cash value life insurance in a dynamic, colorful, graphic format. No more boing ledger pages to confuse your clients.
– Our in force policy monitoring system helps you keep track of changes to your clients’ policies. We will notify you of term policies nearing the end of their level premium paying period and the end of their conversion periods.
– Our life marketing department collectively has over 75 years of experience in the life insurance business. We all began our careers just like you, selling life insurance and related products. We continue to service our own clients to this very day.

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