Sales Management Moment – Arming Your Sales Team with (The BEST) Sales Tools in 2018

When people talk about sales tools, many times they start thinking about collateral. Things like sales brochures, sell sheets, and business cards.

Those are surely important but there are so many other sales tools that professional sales people need today. A great sales person still needs great tools to help support her sales efforts.

In addition to sales collateral, sales people need access to competitive information, professional proposals, and price generators. They also need access to the company’s resources to get quick answers to sales questions. That can include the engineering, operations, and customer service departments.

It also must include quick decisions from the company management to close sales in a timely manner.

In this video, we talk about the importance of arming your sales force with the right sales tools to help them close sales. It’s also a key responsibility of sales leadership to keep those sales tools updated and relevant so the team can close more sales.

It’s difficult for sales managers to find great resources to help them be more effective. “Sales” is unique and different across different industries and one size does not fit all for sales managers. At Rokay, we recognize that sales managers need different tools and approaches depending on their industry, their sales model, and their team.

Our “Sales Management Moments” video series shares tips, techniques, and strategies for new and experienced sales managers in short, easy-to-watch videos lasting 2-3 minutes. These are lessons that we’ve learned over the years and things that we share with our customers in our consulting engagements. The goal for this series is to help sales managers be more effective and deliver MORE SALES for their organizations.

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