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This has been developed to run on Facebook and generate you 15-20 warm interested leads every month without spending a dime in advertising.

Sales Prospecting Tools

Learn How to Transform Cold Uninterested Leads Into Warm Engaged Prospects and Some of Them into “Red Hot Prospects” for Your Business

Everyone is automating these days and bots are everywhere. Automation has become the standard of customer relationship management AND prospecting systems.

Sales Prospecting System

However, treating every prospect like they’re equal is a huge mistake.

If you really want to get a response, and I bet you do, here’s a simple prospecting concept that will require some time commitment – on average about 30 minutes per day – but it will generate at least 20 new warm prospects every month if you commit to the system

Think about what difference that would make to your business.

Think about having 20 warm qualified leads every month that cost you zero dollars!

The Profitable Personalized Prospecting system is based on“personal touches” when the prospect least expects it.

To achieve this you must be prepared to pick up the phone as it’s an integral part of this prospect relationship building process.

The messaging system has 3 “personal touch points” that not only build relationships with your prospects but also differentiate you from every other marketer they have ever come across.

Your personal touches build the know, like, and trust factors essential for rapport to happen. But they also help you transform cold uninterested leads into warm, engaged prospects and some of them into “red hot prospects” for your business.

Enjoy and good luck with your prospecting

Sales Prospecting Tools

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