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Sales Prospecting Tool for SDRs | Sales Development Tools | Prospecting Tool for Sales Reps
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Sales development reps always prospect for new potential customers. Finding new sales opportunities is the primary goal for SDRs. However, it is not easy. Sales development reps will have to spend a lot of time & effort to find their ideal customers.

In addition to their existing CRM, SDRs also look for prospects on the Internet. Online directories, association websites, company websites, social & professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are some of the great sources to find prospects. However, you will have to manually visit all the above sources to find your prospects and then build a list of targeted prospect list. What’s worse? You will have to find decision makers and then find their business contact information such as business email & phone. Only then, you can reach out to the decision makers via email outreach.

You will have to spend countless hours on the Internet to manually build the list and append decision maker contact information. This is where a sales prospecting tool such as LeadGrabber Pro comes handy.

LeadGrabber Pro is a sales prospecting tool for SDRs. It helps sales development reps to build targeted prospect lists 20x faster. Whether you are an expert or novice, LeadGrabber Pro helps you to build prospect lists from online directories, websites, social & professional networking sites, etc. in no time. The prospecting tool also helps sales reps to find verified business email address & phone.

LeadGrabber Pro helps sales development reps to speed up prospecting. Armed with a highly targeted prospect list with verified business email & phone, SDRs can now quickly reach key decision makers in the companies, improve email response rates and set 3x more qualified demos & appointments.

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