Sales teams need to constantly adjust their scripts – Cloud9 Podcast

This week’s retro Cloud9 clip features our good friend Matt Wolach, CEO and founder of Xsellus.

Matt was a frustrated young SDR with a strong ego and hopes of becoming an amazing salesperson. He read all the books, listened to all of the podcasts, and as good as he became, he was frustrated that he could always be better.

In this clip, Matt highlights some of the most common errors he sees organizations make when it comes to scripting, promoting SDRs to managers, and honing skills.

Matt’s Perfect D.E.#sales #management #podcastA.L Sales Process provides saas companies with the right tools to train your team on –

– Improving Demos
– Tailored Scripts
– Improve your closing ratio

He also speaks about how managers get promoted due to incredible results at the SDR role but have no idea how to take ownership for 7 other SDRs crushing quota. Many lack training and are forced to rely on natural leadership instincts to become successful.

SDRs aren’t inherently good sales managers.

#sales #management #podcast

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