Sales Tech Stack Guide – Top Sales Tools to Drive Leads

The right tools can make all the difference. Just as James Bond needs his gadgets, or a baseball player needs a quality bat, sales reps will be most productive with a strategic tech stack. Here are the top tools to invest in to boost your team’s success.

1. 00:17 CRM Platform: With a CRM platform, you get a top-level view of your company with data flowing in from all customer-facing teams — marketing demand campaigns, customer service interactions, and, of course, sales.

2. 01:14 Sales Readiness Platform: Sales readiness tools deliver the training, coaching, and practice content necessary to ensure reps are productive and effective. These platforms include videos, quizzes and assessments, onboarding paths, playbooks, and more

3. 01:54 Social Media: Social channels are essential for positioning your reps as trusted advisors and connecting to customers on a human level.

4. 02:24 Sales Engagement Platform: Sales engagement tools help you to deliver high-quality buyer interactions by using automation to streamline workflows and eliminate routine administrative tasks.

5. 03:15 Sales Enablement Platform: Sales enablement platforms are the secret sauce to business success. These platforms empower reps with the content, training, and guidance they need to elevate customer conversations.

6. 04:20 Productivity Tools: Applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams help keep your business moving and facilitate seamless interactions with customers. Keep in mind, these platforms should enhance, not replace, great communication.

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