Sales Transformation: CRM Adoption – Increase Adoption of Cloud Tools : Best Sales Training Program

What we can help you with when it comes to Sales Transformation?
-Enabling a Remote Workforce
-Increase Adoption of Cloud Tools
-Improve Employee Retention
-Recipe to Replicate Top Performers
-Predictable and Increased Revenue Results

At Prodoscore we have found a way to leverage all of the cloud-based technology tools that your company has invested in, to improve overall adoption of the business tools the company has invested in and more importantly drive overall sales employee productivity.

Prodoscore provides your leaders with a simple score that is easy to digest and understand.

Here is how we do it. We are the center of the spoke for all of your sales employees business tools, Gsuite (Docs, Slides, Chat, Email), Salesforce CRM, and UCaas Communication solutions to collect all the data being produced. The key is we tie in via APIs so the end user has no impact. You can now have a daily scoring algorithm of your sales employees activity when they work at home, remote, or anywhere!

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