Sales Wolves Podcast | Episode 137 | How To Get Out Of A Sales Slump

In this episode, Tyler Jack Harris discusses the steps to take if you ever get in a sales slump.
In 2014, Tyler found himself at rock bottom. After a failed marriage and failed business, he found himself broke and alone. Worst of all, he was playing the victim, ruled by fear. So what changed? In a word- EVERYTHING. Tyler began a process he calls “waging war on personal change”, which started with taking ownership. He realized that he was exactly where he was supposed to be because of the actions and decisions he had made. He began attacking personal development, as he knew he would have to transform from the inside out. Some mentors came into his life around that time and gave him an opportunity to join their agency and sell life insurance. He put his head down and went to work. Over the next 3.5 years, Tyler sold over 8,000 life insurance policies, one on one, face to face. He spent over 200 nights per year in a hotel, working 16, 18, 20 hour days. Going from being completely broke to a millionaire in such a short time is where most rags to riches stories end. Tyler felt such a responsibility to pay it forward, for the blessings he had received and for having those mentors come into his life. He began documenting his life on social media in 2017, to be a light in a dark world and breathe life into others as his mentors had done for him. As with everything, Tyler went all in. He created two podcasts, a daily vlog, and a weekly vlog, and created a motivational brand. Tyler is a regular contributor for the Forbes Business Development Council. He reached a weekly high reach of over 49 million people last year. With a videographer traveling with him 24/7 documenting every move, Tyler hopes to impact the lives of millions and never ask for anything in return.

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